Poema desde Melbourne

helpful tips on how to be a trendy melbourne chick

go vegan
buy yourself a vintage dress

get an expensive whispy hair cut
& a rental in northcote
or brunswick west

subscribe to 3CR
or RRR

get a show on SYNfm

read frankie
yen / or peppermint
while riding the 86 tram

drink a free-trade
bonsoi / but fully
caffeinated / latte`

own a car
but bike everywhere
in a retro helmet
& whinge like f*ck
about the trains

dig spoken word
women’s circus
fringe politics
bikram yoga
documentary making
or knit graffiti

become an editor
open a craft shop
or write flash fiction


start a zine
or freelance
in just about anything

rave about footscray
flemington / springvale
or elsewhere
you’d never live

visit daylesford
upwey / or eltham
on the weekends

shop at savers
or lark
or meet me at mike’s

wear hand-crafted goods
or expensive one-offs
from indie designers

date a writer
i.t. guy
social commentator
or a public servant

be decidedly heterosexual
but with heaps of
queer friends

be a serial monogamist
long time defacto
or marry barefoot
in a temple
or grungy backyard setting

hang at ceres
trades hall
rose street markets
or the wheeler centre

apply for some kind of grant
at least once a quarter

drop out of university
or emerge with three degrees
a decade later

or suddenly quit a job you always hated

temporarily move
to amsterdam
belgium / berlin
or spain

vote green
vote socialist
donkey vote
or don’t turn up at all

work with ethnics
artists / the homeless
or the poor

write a cookbook
a memoir / a twitter stream
or a blog

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