Dogs can be great companions and help those with disabilities or mental illness. Here are the best breeds for therapy dogs.

5 Best Breeds for Therapy Dogs

There’s nothing more therapeutic than having emotional support dogs by your side, especially when we’re going through a rough time. From anxiety, Alzheimer’s, and even post-traumatic stress disorder, they are some of the most loving, loyal, and adorable friends we could ever have.

Therapy dogs provide benefits on a number of emotional, social, and physical levels. If you’re thinking of getting one and want to know the best breeds for therapy dogs then you are in the right place.

Read on as we give you a guide that will surely help!


1. Labrador Retrievers

Labradors are gentle, and their calm demeanor makes them ideal for working with people who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. They are also intelligent and easy to train and are ideal for therapy work.

They are patient and good-natured. Because of these characteristics, and the size of this breed, children are safe around Labradors.

2. Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are incredibly loyal and friendly, and they love spending time with humans. They are also famous for their intelligence and being trainable.

Golden Retrievers can learn tricks and commands that can be used to help comfort and distract people who are going through tough times. They are also known for being great with children, so they are often used in therapy settings that involve young patients.

3. Poodles

Poodles like the other breeds are also intelligent, loyal, and have a great disposition to work with people. They are hypoallergenic, which is a major plus for those who may be allergic to dogs but still want to reap the benefits of having a dog by their side.

There are different types of poodles. Toy, miniature, and standard are some of them. So, there is sure to be a size that is perfect for you and your needs.

4. German Shepherds

German Shepherds excel at obedience training and are quick learners. They have a natural desire to please their owners and be protective of them. These dogs will guard them against strangers.

5. Border Collies

Because of their intelligence, loyalty, and affection, Border Collies bond well with their human companions. Like other breeds, they are quick to learn and are always willing to please. 

Whether they are working with children or adults, they always seem to put a smile on people’s faces. If you are looking to get one anytime, click for more information before making a final decision.

Best Breeds for Therapy Dogs: Consider Your Lifestyle

While most breeds can make great therapy dogs, some are better suited for the job than others. Those that are calm, patient, and good with people are typically the choices for best breeds for therapy dogs.

If you’re considering adding a furry friend to your family and are interested in using them for therapy, consider one of these five dog breeds! As always, do your research to make sure that your choice is a good fit for your home and lifestyle.

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