A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Best Dog Hotel in Denver

A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Best Dog Hotel in Denver

If you’re traveling to Denver with your dog, you might wonder how to find the best pet-friendly hotel. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.


Read Reviews

Dog-friendly hotels are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. Not only are they a great option for dog owners who want to take their pets along on vacation, but they can also save pet parents a lot of money.

Before choosing a dog hotel Denver, it’s important to read reviews online. It can give you a sense of what other dog owners have experienced while staying at the hotel, including the type of rooms available, whether or not dogs are allowed in common areas, and any additional fees associated with pet stays.

Check Policies

Choosing a dog hotel may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s best to know their requirements before you book. Some important hotels have size and breed restrictions, while others have other policies like fees and availability.

A boutique hotel is a great option for dog owners because they often offer more amenities than larger hotels. These can include extra walks and individual attention, plus the hotel will have a variety of toys and treats for the dogs.

Check the Fees

It used to be that a trip away from home required leaving your pet behind. However, many hotels roll out the red carpet for furry guests with perks like dog beds, bowls, and toys. Some hotels also offer a concierge list of local pet-friendly restaurants, pet boutiques, and groomers.

Other hotels say they know pets are family and charge no additional fees beyond a normal room rate. It also includes a door hanger to let staff know your pup is in the room. It has a limit of two dogs and requires a pet agreement form at check-in. Dogs are allowed only in non-smoking rooms. Guests must bring their pet’s vaccination records.

Check the Location

Finding a dog hotel in Denver that meets your travel needs is ideal. It will ensure that your furry buddy is close when it’s time to explore while saving you time and money on taxi fares or rental cars!

Dog-friendly hotels encourage VIPs to join for a $50 per night pet fee, plus a dog bed, water and treat bowls, bones and toys, a treat dispensing door hanging, and more for your pet’s enjoyment.

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