Bringing Your Pets to Portugal for a VacationDo you want to travel to Portugal with your very best buddy next time you go there? It’s about your little furry friend here! You are welcome to carry your dog, cat, or ferret onboard a flight on a Portuguese a

Bringing Your Pets to Portugal for a Vacation

Do you want to travel to Portugal with your very best buddy next time you go there? It’s about your little furry friend here! You are welcome to carry your dog, cat, or ferret onboard a flight on a Portuguese airline, regardless of whether you are moving permanently or just going to the city of Lisbon for the weekend. Take a look at this in-depth instruction if you want to learn how to carry out the task successfully. We don’t leave any queries unanswered, whether they’re about essential documentation or about whether or not your dog can fly in the cabin with you.

Pet Travel Documents & Requirements for Portugal

To begin, the only way to enter Portugal without having to place your pet in quarantine is to do so via a commercial airplane. This includes traveling with dogs, cats, and ferrets. Portugal has established a variety of regulations that you are responsible for ensuring that you comply with. You will require a Pet Passport, which may be obtained from your veterinarian and used to keep track of vaccinations. If you are not in the European Union (EU), including the United Kingdom, you will not be able to obtain an EU pet passport; rather, you will be given an animal health certificate that is valid for a period of four months.

Your pet is required to have a rabies vaccination, and you can choose the one-, two-, or three-year vaccine according on your preferences. The rabies vaccinations for your pet are required to be given either concurrently with the microchipping procedure or immediately thereafter. Another condition is fulfilled here. The microchip really needs to be compliant with ISO! A minimum of 21 days must pass after a rabies vaccination has been administered to a pet before the animal can enter Portugal. There are no other immunizations that are required by law. You will also be required to fill out a health certificate before the flight, and then you will need to fill out another health certificate within ten days of your arrival that must be signed by a veterinarian.

In addition, pets who are younger than 15 weeks old are not permitted to travel with their owners.

Where Will My Pet Travel: In the Cabin or the Hold?

It can be a source of concern to learn that you cannot bring your pet inside the cabin with you since it is required to travel in the hold. The answer to this question will vary from airline to airline, but in general, dogs and cats that are carried in a soft container and do not exceed 8 kilograms are permitted in the cabin. If your dog works as a service animal, they are allowed inside the cabin with you regardless of their weight. The hold can accommodate kennels or carriers holding pets weighing up to 32 or 45 kg. The box or crate that the animal will be transported in needs to be suitable for the journey.

Suggestions for Bringing Your Pets with You to Portugal

Bringing a pet along on a trip can be very stressful. There are a lot of different things to think about, from the necessary documents to the level of comfort that your pet experiences. The following is a list of our most important travel advice for taking dogs to Portugal:

First things first, you should book an appointment with your veterinarian to ensure that your pet is in good enough health to travel.

Make sure to acquire an appropriate crate for your pet if it weighs more than 32 kilograms, regardless of whether it is a dog or a cat. To ensure that they are cozy and at ease, provide them with their preferred blankets and toys. However, do not go overboard and use too much of the space that is already available in the box for your pet.

Verify that you are in possession of all the required documentation and that your immunizations are up to date.
It is recommended by veterinarians that you do not feed your pet on the day of travel. We are aware that this is going to be challenging, but stress diarrhea and motion sickness are both normal occurrences.
Hydrate your pet! If the airline allows it, you should put a bowl full of water inside the box that your pet will be traveling in.

Check to see if there are any breed limitations that apply to your pet. Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Dogo Argentinos, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, and Tosa Inus are among the dog breeds that may have a more difficult time being imported into Portugal.

Make sure to book a ticket in advance for your pet, and check the airline’s website for advice on how to travel with your animal companion.

You should try to get your pet acquainted to their crate at home by giving them food and water inside of it for several weeks before the trip.

DON’T offer a tranquilizer to your pet because doing so at a high altitude can be hazardous because the medication can impair a pet’s ability to regulate their body temperature.

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