The Importance of Custom Phone Numbers for Law Firms

The Importance of Custom Phone Numbers for Law Firms

When potential clients see your law firm’s phone number in a television commercial or billboard, they should instantly recall it. The savviest attorneys need to settle for the generic, standard numbers doled out by their carriers. They invest in proven marketing strategies that maximize their advertising investment.


Increased Prestige

Vanity phone numbers are instantly branding and a great way to stand out against other law firms. When clients see a number like 1-800-HURT-123 in an advertisement, they instantly associate it with your firm’s expertise, allowing them to skip researching other firms in favor of making a call. This instant recognition makes vanity numbers so important for any law firm.

Law firm prestige significantly impacts your career path as a lawyer, affecting the type of clients you deal with, how much you make, and even who you work alongside. 

The size of a law firm also affects the type of clients you will deal with, with bigger firms dealing with more corporate and large-scale legal matters. These firms also usually have larger budgets requiring a higher hourly rate than smaller private law firms.

Getting a custom telephone number is easier than you think, and the benefits of using a vanity number for your law firm will outweigh any initial costs associated with setting up your business number. You may contact experts such as RingBoost, and one of their live omnichannel support experts will help you find the perfect vanity number for your firm.

Increased Call Volume

Increasing the volume of calls to your firm can significantly impact your bottom line. A custom phone number can help you stand out from your competitors and drive traffic to your business. It can also increase your brand’s recall rate and create efficiencies in managing your client intake. For example, you can incorporate your call tracking phone number on all your marketing materials to ensure prospective clients have the right number to contact you. If you have a law firm phone number that is difficult to recall or dial, it could cost you leads and potential clients. This is because people are more likely to go online and do a quick search for the services they need than pick up the phone and call. A customized vanity phone number can make your business easier to reach, which greatly benefits any law firm. You can significantly improve your ROI by implementing a simple, convenient-to-dial number and then using it in all your marketing efforts. Depending on the nature of your business, consider outsourcing your call-handling services to a professional legal answering service. This will allow your employees to focus on more pressing client tasks and reduce their time fielding inbound calls.

Increased Recall Rates

If a law firm’s clients demand high-volume work, they may have to raise their fees to continue delivering exceptional service. To keep their client base happy, lawyers should communicate the reasons behind these changes early and clearly. This can include hiring new talent, investment in technology, and a broader geographic footprint — all of which can justify higher costs to clients regarding the firm’s value-adds.

Another way to improve the recall rate of a law firm is by choosing a memorable vanity number that aligns with the firm’s message and brand. This is especially important if the firm advertises on billboards, buses, in print ads, or through online and digital marketing. As a result, they’re much more likely to remember the number and call it if they see it in an advertisement or when they visit the law firm’s website. It’s also great to feature the vanity number prominently on the firm’s website, social media channels, and other listings. This will help the firm stand out from competitors and increase its marketing response rates. This is particularly true for firms that operate in a competitive, local, or niche personal injury market.

Increased Availability

In today’s highly competitive landscape, lawyers compete against each other for clients. They use their website, social media, TV, billboards, and other marketing channels. One thing that can boost the effectiveness of these marketing tools is a memorable phone number. Having a vanity or easy-dial number makes it more likely that prospects will recall the information in your advertising and call you for help with their legal matters.

When potential clients see your ad on the radio or a billboard, they have only seconds to register and recall the information. A prospect rarely has a pen and paper nearby to write down a 10-digit string of numbers, so a memorable number is the best way to get them to take action.

Whether you’re looking for a local number that speaks to your geographic area or a toll-free option that will connect your regional offices and provide a more polished, professional appearance, we have the widest selection of exclusive custom law firm phone numbers. Our knowledgeable support team is here to help you select the number that will maximize your success and enhance your brand.

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