The Benefits of Using Thigh Holsters for Women in Self-Defense Situations

The Benefits of Using Thigh Holsters for Women in Self-Defense Situations

A thigh holster can be used when carrying in the waistband becomes uncomfortable. It can also help with accessing the weapon in cases where the dominant hand is injured or otherwise unavailable.

Thigh or drop-leg holsters rest lower than hip holsters and are a great option for concealed carry with a skirt or dress. Both men and women can use them.



The biggest pro to a thigh holster is that it puts the gun where your hand naturally falls when sitting, standing, walking, etc. This makes it much easier to reach your weapon and can make it more difficult for someone to remove it from you while you’re in motion.

Hip holsters require the officer to bring their arm up high above their body and can be difficult to use in tight spaces or if they have an injured arm. This is less of a problem with thigh holsters, which officers with immobilized arms can also use.

Another safety benefit of thigh holsters is that they can be worn with various clothing, including dresses and skirts. This is a big benefit over belly bands and bra holsters, which can only be worn with loose or form-fitting clothes.


The biggest pro of a thigh holster womens is that it keeps the weapon close to your body, making it easier and quicker to access. Unlike hip holsters, thigh holsters put your sidearm at the spot where your hand naturally falls when you are resting.

Officers wear a lot of equipment, including radios, restraints, and firearms — which can add up to quite a bit of weight around the waist. Shifting this weight to the leg can help reduce stress on the back and hips, especially in female officers.

When shopping for a thigh holster, look for one molded to your gun’s specific make and model. This will help it perform better. Also, choose pants and skirts with sturdy belt loops rather than elastic waistbands, which won’t hold a firearm well.


Thigh holsters for women allow you to carry your firearm in various outfits. They are particularly good for women wearing skirts or dresses.

A drawback of thigh holsters is that they can be more difficult to reach than hip holsters when needed during an emergency. Also, they can get caught on fences during a pursuit or interfere with ground fighting.

However, these problems can be overcome by practicing using the holster before you need it for a self-defense situation. It is also important to choose a high-quality thigh holster that fits correctly. Also, wearing pants or skirts with sturdy belt loops and avoiding elastic waistbands is best. This prevents sweat from leaking into steel and causing rust or, even worse, making the gun inoperable.

Ease of Draw

In addition to being easier to reach, thigh holsters can reduce an officer’s weight around the waist. This can help prevent officers from developing back and hip problems over time.

Most thigh holsters come with magazine pouches for additional storage for spare ammunition. This can be especially helpful for law enforcement officers carrying extra firepower on their duty belts.

In addition to thigh holsters, there are also holsters designed for women to be worn under dresses or skirts. For this reason, women can exercise their right to self-defense comfortably, discreetly, and fashionably. However, it’s important to remember that the gun can become visible if the garment moves up or is ruffled. Practicing wearing a skirt and thigh holster with an unloaded pistol is important before using it for real-world scenarios.


As more women become shooters, the holster market has expanded to include options designed for their specific needs. It’s important to find a comfortable, secure fit for the weapon you intend to carry and take the time to practice drawing from it in your favorite clothes.

Thigh holsters, also known as drop leg holsters, sit high on the thigh and are secured by straps or belt loops. They are a popular option for concealed carry and work well with skirts or dresses.

They can, however, chafe when worn under tight clothing. Wearing a thigh holster with a loose, flowing dress helps to eliminate this issue and makes them more comfortable for prolonged wear. Additionally, wearing a thigh holster with the gun pointed toward the ground may reveal your weapon to potential threats.

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