What is The Purpose of a Surgical Mask ?

Surgical masks are often used in the healthcare setting. It’s a form of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that aids in controlling different infections, including airborne chemical hazards. 

In a healthcare situation, employers and workers wear them as a protective measure while working. The mask prevents the inhalation of contaminants such as vapors, dust, infectious agents, and fumes.  

So what are the purpose and advantages of using a surgical mask? That’s what this article will discuss. Read on.


Benefits of Using a Surgical Mask

Surgical masks are traditionally used in hospitals, especially in surgical suites, as well as for other procedures. They are typically loose-fitting and thin. 

Apart from protecting people from the spread of possible infectious agents between individuals, below are other benefits of the surgical mask. 

Protect other people

For instance, one key way a virus like a coronavirus spreads is from one person to another. This is accomplished through respiratory droplets emitted by an infected individual during conversations, sneezes, or coughs. 

With the use of a surgical mask (or other types of masks), these droplets are blocked. These masks are barriers that prevent the particles with the virus from escaping from an infected person. 

NIOSH approved 

Surgical face masks are approved by the NIOSH. This means they’ve gone through several NIOSH procedures. That also means a series of rigorous tests. The mask definitely meets the standards –  for safety, particle blockage, and filtration.

They are easy to keep on hand 

Surgical masks are handy. You can take them anywhere within a healthcare setting, or outside of it. They fit well inside your purse, briefcase, at your desk, and anywhere you are likely to be in close contact with people. 

 If you’re visiting an infected person or patient, remember to take extra surgical masks along. Storage in a plastic bag. 

You don’t need to wash them

Surgical masks don’t need to be washed. You don’t need to keep them clean by washing them. However, if you use a disposable cloth mask, then you may wash it every day in soapy, hot water. Let them dry up completely. Surgical masks are not washable.

They are disposable 

As medical masks, it’s important that they are disposable. Yes, this is vital. because it was built to protect against droplets and particles. Healthcare workers are more likely to always be in contact with particles and droplets that are contaminated. It’s therefore very important to eliminate the mask immediately after use. This decreases the risk of transferring the virus. 

Helps with economic recovery 

Yes, surgical masks are an economic boon, too. According to a study, it was deduced that mandating face masks during a pandemic can serve as a substitute for lockdowns. 

Many American communities needed to take a breather after recent COVID-19 outbreaks. This increased the fear that there could be another lockdown, which would affect the overall health of the economy. The use of masks helped curb this. Surgical masks and other types of masks aid the economy’s recovery.


Some infections are airborne. They can transfer swiftly from person to person. An effective way to attack this is to use face masks, especially surgical masks. 

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