Why Try An Electric Toothbrushing System?

Why Try An Electric Toothbrushing System?

Teethbrushing has been a common practice for most people since at least the mid-20th century when dental hygiene became as standard as a medical checkup once a year. Amazingly, these two simple aspects of healthcare have ended up producing more prevention and longer life for people than most other medical treatments combined. Why? The simple act of prevention literally avoids serious health problems by catching issues early when they can be dealt with via small changes, as well as stopping problems before they get started.

Making the Toothbrush Obsolete

However, as an improvement to the regular toothbrush use, electric toothbrushes upped the game on teethcleaning, providing even greater performance and benefits. Interestingly, these devices are not new. They’ve actually been around since 1938. The average consumer started seeing affordable units by the 1960s, and they started gaining dentist recommendations within the next decade due to effectiveness versus normal brushing.

An Advanced Market in the 2020s

Today, the options available are multiple. They also come with different settings, options, accessories and more. In fact, there are so many different choices on the market, it’s creating a bit of confusion for consumers who just want to make sure they are using the right toothbrush system for their teeth specifically. Ideally, the best choice is an electric toothbrush that provides the most comprehensive cleaning of a patient’s teeth consistently, not just one time or occasionally.

Which Toothbrush System is Recommended?

At the top of the list among all the choices available, the following stand out as some of the best electric dental brushing kits to use:

  • The Oral-B iO Series 10 kit is considered one of the premium choices with the best reputation and performance results. This package comes with a full complement for one person, along with the charger, change-out brushes, multiple heads and a containment case. The Series 8 in the same brand line is a nice follow-up for probably $150 less in cost.
  • The Waterpik 9.0 Sonic Electric Toothbrush also gets high marks and regular recommendations from dentistry, especially due to its flossing abilities as well. 

Regardless of which electric toothbrush one uses, whether above or another choice, users do need to maintain their units and change the brushes every three months or so. They simply lose effectiveness if pushed longer. And, electronic teeth cleaning doesn’t replace flossing. This applies in particular if the unit only does brushing and not flossing as well. It’s the stuff trapped between teeth that contributes to bad breath as well as gum disease.

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