5 Ways Real Estate Attorneys Can Safeguard Your Property Interests

5 Ways Real Estate Attorneys Can Safeguard Your Property Interests

When buying a property, enlisting a real estate lawyer early on can save you from significant legal pitfalls later on. They will examine legal documentation, provide straightforward explanations of complicated legal terms and handle negotiations. They will also ensure that a title search and funds transfer are completed properly. Learn how a real estate attorney can safeguard your interests during this major undertaking.


Contract Review

Contract review is the process of analyzing the terms of a contractual agreement to ensure it’s fair and does not contain any potential risks. This is a process that requires diligence and a keen eye for detail. A contract containing unclear or unfair terms can expose the signatory to legal and financial risk. Real estate attorneys Somerset PA, can minimize the potential for these types of disputes by performing a thorough contract review. Contract review is often time-consuming, tedious, and it’s common for human error to be introduced into the process. This is why many legal teams choose to utilize specialist contract review software.

Title Search and Examination

The title search and examination process thoroughly reviews property records, including deeds, court decisions, wills, and liens. This ensures the buyer purchases a clear title free of claims or issues that must be resolved before closing. This process may also include a survey of the property. This will help determine the property’s exact boundaries and whether other structures infringe upon it. A real estate attorney will work to resolve any such issues before closing. A title search will also examine the chain of ownership to ensure that a claimed previous owner truly had a legal right to sell the property. It will check for liens, disputed boundary lines, probate disputes, bankruptcy, and unpaid taxes.

Contract Negotiation

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, many contractual provisions must be reviewed and agreed upon. This is why a professional New York real estate attorney is so important.

These contracts include everything from the date you can close on your purchase to what personal property is included in the sale. A real estate lawyer can review these contracts to ensure they are in your favor and protect you from being taken advantage of. Besides contracts, numerous other legal matters can arise during a real estate transaction. For example, zoning laws often affect real estate transactions and have major consequences. Attorneys can provide expert legal advice and help resolve these types of issues.

Legal Expertise and Counsel

In addition to drafting or reviewing contracts, real estate attorneys advise clients about legal issues. They can help resolve disputes arising during a transaction, such as a dispute between neighbors about property lines or a problem with a construction project that infringes on the land. Residential real estate transactions involve many complex factors, including negotiating the purchase contract and coordinating inspections and appraisals. A real estate attorney can help buyers and sellers avoid common mistakes in these transactions, such as failing to review a purchase contract properly or ignoring the terms of an existing lease.

Some states require a real estate attorney’s involvement in certain property transactions, including closings. Even in states where real estate attorneys aren’t mandated, they can be an invaluable asset to property buyers and sellers.

Title Defects

Title defects can include liens resulting from unpaid debt, property taxes and mortgages, and other issues such as survey disputes and unknown easements. Many of these encumbrances can be resolved by simply paying the debt or submitting the correct documentation, while others may require more complex negotiation or litigation to clear and settle. Title defects can interfere with the legal transfer of ownership from seller to purchaser during the settlement process, and they must be identified and resolved before loan closing. Real estate attorneys conduct thorough title searches, which review the history of deeds in public records and screen for any liens or other issues that could interfere with a valid sale. This identifies and resolves title defects, known as “clouds on the title.” 

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