7 Types of Cheese You Need need to Know

Cheese is well cherished because it’s very versatile. It’s a beloved food worldwide. Cheese comes in different types and varieties. Knowing the several kinds will lessen the overwhelming effect that may come with the numerous types available. That’s what this article will address in full. Keep reading!


Varieties of Cheese for Every Dish

There are varieties of cheese. Below are some of them.


This type of cheese is creamy, soft, is made from cow’s milk. Brie originated in France. The cheese has a velvety texture and is mild, with a buttery flavor. It’s always served as a dessert cheese. Also, the brie cheese is also often enjoyed with bread, fruit, and crackers.


This cheese has a semi-hard texture. It’s also made from cow’s milk. It has its origin in the Netherlands. Gouda is smooth. It also has that nitty and slightly sweet flavor. The cheese is well-suitable for salads, sandwiches, as well as on cheese boards.

Blue cheese

Blue cheese is made with milk from goats, sheep, and cows. It has veins of blue mold running through it. This cheese also has a sharp, pungent flavor. Its texture is simply creamy! Enjoy blue cheese with dips, salads, and on cheese plates.


This type of cheese is often hard. The origin of Parmesan can be traced down to Italy. The flavor of Parmesan is salty and sharp. The texture of this cheese is crumbled. The Italian cheese is often enjoyed with salads, soups, and pasta dishes. You would love it!


Here comes a fresh and soft cheese. Mozzarella originated in Italy. The cheese is slightly sweet with a mild flavor – and yes, its texture is quite stringy and stretchy. Enjoy mozzarella with your sandwiches, salads, and pizza.


This cheese is also made from cow’s milk. It’s a hard cheese with an origin in Switzerland. Swiss cheese has a texture that’s a bit elastic. Its flavor is nutty and sweet. It goes smoothly with almost any dish. Enjoy the hard cheese in fondues, sandwiches, and on cheese plates. Swiss cheese is simply delicious!


Here comes another nice cheese! Provolone is a cheese made from cow’s milk. It’s semi-hard and has its root in Italy. Provolone is buttery and mild; that’s a nice flavor. It’s simply smooth! Add provolone to your pizza, sandwich, and lasagna for perfect taste.


Italy is known for so many kinds of cheese. Ricotta is one of them. It’s fresh and soft. If you crave a flavor that is slightly sweet and mild, go for Ricotta. Its texture is simply creamy! Ricotta goes well on many dishes and snacks, especially on pizzas and desserts.


Cheese comes in different flavors, textures, and kinds. You will always find one that suits your taste.  If you are new to them, you can experiment with the ones listed in this article. Soon, you will learn what’s your best preference. You’ll also know what cheese fits your best dishes. Have fun with it!

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