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Florida Man May 3 – Pot Plants, and Police Encounters

Welcome to another riveting edition of the Florida Man Chronicles! Today, we embark on a journey through the quirky and bizarre adventures of Florida man on June 3.

Without further ado, let’s explore the mysteries of Florida man June 3.


Florida Man May 3 – The Great Escape

Our story commences with the curious case of Zachery Waldo, the guy accused of causing a deadly crash while drunk, who decided a court hearing wasn’t his cup of tea.

He ditched his DUI manslaughter trial during lunch and vanished, according to Leesburg Police. But Waldo’s freedom run was short-lived. A U.S. Marshals task force caught up with him in Mount Dora on May 3.

Back in March, Waldo stood trial for a 2019 crash in Leesburg that tragically took three lives, including a teenager. The Christmas Eve wreck claimed Christopher Smith, Jessica Smith, and their 13-year-old daughter, Hailey.

Apparently, avoiding court wasn’t Waldo’s first rodeo. Police say he’s had run-ins with the law before, including fleeing officers and assaulting them.

Even though Waldo was on trial, justice wasn’t delayed for long. Officials sentenced him to life in prison for the DUI manslaughter case. That translates to 35 years, 10 months, and 15 days behind bars for the deadly crash.

Florida Man May 3 – Pot Plants and Police Pleasantries

In a blaze of greenery and goodwill, our story takes an unexpected turn as we encounter Arthur Carracino, a Florida man whose chill vibes backfired in a big way after he proudly showed off his marijuana plant to police and offered them a smoke session.

This wacky incident happened in Bunnell, a town between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine. According to deputies, they were responding to another call when they spotted Arthur Carracino puffing on a joint while rocking a blue tracksuit and a button-down shirt.

Carracino, flagged them down to show off his impressive two-foot-tall marijuana plant growing on his property. The whole encounter, thankfully, was caught on the officer’s body camera.

The footage showed the officer asking Carracino, “Got a medical marijuana card for that plant, buddy?”

Carracino replied, “Oh yeah, totally working on it! [Laughs] Come on, officers, let’s talk about this!”

The officer, clearly unimpressed, asked, “Is that your pot plant there, sir?”

Carracino, brimming with pride, confirmed it was his. The officer, trying to lighten the mood, asked if Carracino used some special plant food to get such a magnificent specimen.

Carracino however launched into a not-so-coherent explanation and said, “I thought growing pot would be a breeze, you know, all indicas and sativas and… wow, those crystals look amazing! Look, officers, you gotta have a smoke session with me, please!”

But, the officer politely declined. Carracino then seemingly oblivious to the situation’s seriousness, tried to play it cool, mentioning it was just early morning (it was actually 2:45 am according to the officer).

As Carracino strolled away, the officer tried to reason with him. “Hey, where are you going?” Carracino, his priorities seemingly misplaced, said, “Gotta grab my pipe, then maybe snag a Starbucks coffee. Any shops open around here?”

The officer, clearly frustrated at this point, had to break the bad news. He said, “We can’t unfortunately. All right? But you are – no, stay out dog – you are being placed under arrest.”

Florida man was arrested on May 3 for cultivating marijuana, despite his claims of having a medical card (which he clearly didn’t have). While Florida allowed medical marijuana use, growing it yourself was legal.


And there you have it – a whirlwind tour through the wacky world of Florida Man May 3.

Check out our other stories as we unravel more tales from the cryptic chronicles of Florida Man. Also don’t forget to share your own Florida Man encounters or request a story for your birthday – after all, in the land of Florida Man, every day is an adventure waiting to unfold.

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