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Florida man October 5 – Microwaving Urine?

Here are two Florida Man October 5 exploits I this is your birthday you will not want to miss the stories below.

Enjoy these Florida Man tales!


Florida Man October 5 – Reheating Urine in the Microwave

The proprietor of a petrol station in Jacksonville is furious that customers keep reheating their urine in the microwave.

Florida man Parlu Patel is the proprietor of the convenience store On the Fly (yep, that’s the real name). He told the press on October 5 that “people walk in off the street, microwave urine containers, and go.”

According to the news station, a LabCorp drug testing facility is close to the business.

Anyone who wants to pass a drug test frequently uses someone else’s urine. The pee must be at least body temperature to get away with it. So, many people heat their urine to get away with it. Florida man is furious, and we recommend using a urinator instead of heating it in a Florida man’s microwave. 

Florida man October 5 – Florida Man Threatens To Kill Senators.

On October 5, a Florida man threatened on Facebook to shoot and kill Senators and their families if they did not confirm Brett Kavanaugh, a nominee for the Supreme Court. 

The Polk County Sheriff’s detained James Royal Patrick, Jr., 53, on Wednesday after searching his home. At his home, they discovered weapons and ammunition. The same ones that he boasted about using to kill law enforcement officers who tried to apprehend him and politicians who voted against Kavanaugh in several Facebook posts on October 5.

After receiving an email tip concerning the posts, Polk County detectives quickly got an arrest and search warrant. Officers then hauled Patrick to jail without a hitch. 

In one particular post, the Florida man outlined his escape strategy if the police showed up at his house. He even claimed to have made plans for his dog. It wasn’t immediately apparent if Patrick had hired a lawyer.

According to authorities, he commented, “Just got 12 boxes of hollow point 50 caliber bullets…have enough ammo for my sniper rifle and bought a suppressor. I’ve made sure that everything is in order and that my dogs are taken care of because I won’t be returning home. If local or federal law enforcement tries to stop me, I’ve taken additional security measures and added more supplies to the tunnel under my house.”

According to investigators, Florida man stated that is prepared to accept a home-sale offer to raise more cash for his scheme to murder Democratic officeholders and their families. It is all I think about, he wrote on October 5.

florida man october 5

He even tried getting more conservatives to support his objectives in a different way.

“I can’t handle this on my own! “Need more conservatives breaking into liberals’ homes at night killing people in their sleep,” wrote the Florida man. 

According to the police, the Florida man also shared images of himself along with images of weapons and ammo on October 5. When found, the Florida man admitted to posting the comments just to irritate liberals. He also said he had no intention of following through on the threats. He said he thought he could get away with them by not mentioning a specific candidate. 

Police jailed him on a $500,000 bail.


Finally, we saw two peculiar things a Florida man did on October 5. 

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