Florida Man October 6

Florida Man October 6 – Justice for Harambe

Today, let’s look at 2 Florida man October 6 stories, one is funny, and the other is gut-wrenchingly scary. 

Let’s dive in!


Florida Man October 6 – Florida man Interrupts Live Reporter

On October 6, 2016, there were mass damages in Florida caused by Hurricane Matthew as it moved closer to the Sunshine State.

However, one Florida man determined it was worthwhile to brave the storm in honor of the deceased gorilla Harambe (and to get 15 minutes of fame). A man entered the reporter’s frame during a live story on October 6 from a nearby beach for a West Palm Beach television station and shouted, “Dicks out for Harambe!”

The Florida man took pictures on the beach before interfering with the live shot. While the joke could be amusing, it’s difficult not to feel bad for the reporter.

Florida Man October 6 – Florida Man Murders Wife

On October 6, after killing his fiancée, a Florida man slept close to her body. Then, he collected the body and carried it to the Sebastian Walmart’s parking lot.

After leaving the body there, the Florida man entered Walmart. Police later took the Florida man into custody on October 6.

The Florida man confessed to killing his fiancée and leaving her body in the parking lot of a Walmart. He stated that he also spent some time sleeping adjacent to her dead body, according to a police statement. 

Florida Man October 6

On October 6, witnesses discovered a note and together Jeanine Bishop’s body, age 67. The witnesses alerted the Police that a woman might have passed away in a pickup truck in the Sebastian Walmart store’s parking lot. When the police arrived on the site, they discovered the woman’s body in the pickup vehicle.

When investigators started looking into the incident, they found a Florida man, Michael John Despres, the woman’s fiancé guilty of the crime. 

Despres responded to inquiries about his fiancée, but he only provided ambiguous details. Florida man admitted killing his fiancee once the probe widened. Florida man confessed to the homicide, saying he killed Bishop at home before moving the body to Walmart’s parking lot. 

According to sources, the Florida man’s residence, place of employment, vehicle, and the Bishop’s body all yielded evidence.

Florida man had been plotting to kill her for several days after becoming upset with his girlfriend, according to evidence from the police investigation. Florida man claimed he created a weapon out of rope and various things to kill his fiancée. 

While providing the police with all relevant information, the Florida man refuses to discuss anything. The police took the Florida man to the Indian River County Jail without bail. 


On October 6, we saw two faces of Florida where one was so funny, and the other pure scary. Remember, if you share your birthday with these events; don’t let these incidents upset you.  

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