Hello again, and welcome to the adventures of Florida man September 24

Florida Man September 24 – Chase at the Chik-Fil-A

Hello again, and welcome to the adventures of Florida man September 24. 

When talking about him, what do you have in mind? Insanity? Absurdity? Or tragedy?

Florida Man has always successfully created some unique and absurd stories we all can see. Although he often did some damage, we can’t deny that Florida Man always makes a scene in the public eye.

But what happened on September 24? Did Florida Man do something more crazy again? Read the full stories below:


Florida Man September 24, 2018 – Arrested for Chasing a Couple While Naked

Palm Coast, Florida.: A weird event has happened in the Chick-fil-A parking lot. Where police arrested a Florida man for chasing a couple without the slightest bit of clothing on his body.

The Florida man here was Cory Hazel (30). Police arrested Hazel after a woman called the authorities at around 1 A.M. 

This story began with a woman receiving a call from her boyfriend, who was riding a bike at the time. While passing the Winn-Dixie, Hazel chased him while yelling to him that he saw his penis. 

He also chased a woman after she arrived at the parking lot of Chick-fil-A. The naked men kept telling him and accused him of being gay because he looked at his penis.

A fight happened between the two men. The victim claimed Hazel tried to undress him during their fight.

When authorities arrived on the scene, they saw Hazel bleeding from his nose.

Officers also said Hazel was being secretive about his true identity.

Hazel also started screaming at other vehicles passing for the same reason. The authorities were trying their best to put his clothes on, although it was not an easy task.

In the end, police charged Hazel with obstruction of justice for not obeying and cooperating with the authorities. However, the couple refused to press charges against him.

Florida Man September 24

Florida Man September 24, 2016 – Stealing The Naked Trump Statue

Miami, Florida.: Police accused a Florida man of stealing one of the naked Trump statues in Miami, Florida, on September 24, 2016.

A witness who was skateboarding nearby explained the events. He stated that he saw Pedro Rodriguez (36) stealing the statue and putting it into his car.

While carrying the statue, Pedro said that he wanted to save Trump. Knowing something was wrong, the skateboarder chased Pedro, although he was unsuccessful.

However, he managed to write down the license plate.

Police later used this information to track down the owner, Pedro himself.

The statue in question was a collective art made by artists around the city. There were five naked Trump statues spread across the area.

The artists who created the art stayed anonymous. 

Final Thoughts

And there you have the stories of Florida Man September 24. As you can see, Florida Man always does the unthinkable. From chasing a couple to stealing one of the collective art in the name of politics. What will Florida Man do next time? Stay tuned!

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