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Florida Man September 5 – Lobster Hunter

Florida Man September 5 may surprise you with stories that could happen any day in Florida.

On September 5, the tales of Florida Man are full of twists. From the happy one to a tragic tale that everyone knows.


Florida Man September 5, 2018 – A Story of Florida Man With 200 Illegal Lobsters

MARATHON, Fla. –Officers arrested a man for possession of 200 illegal lobsters

The story started when a Middle Keys Deputy stopped a man for a tag infraction during the night.

The Florida Man in question is Yordy Escalante Carillo (25) of Marathon.

Upon approaching the vehicle, the deputy said that he could smell marijuana in the car. However, there was a language barrier so they couldn’t communicate properly.

So, a Spanish sergeant arrived to help translate what the deputy meant. Carillo denied it, saying that he doesn’t have anything illegal around.

During the vehicle search, the deputy found a large plastic bag of hundreds of lobsters.

Seeing this, Carillo admitted that all the lobsters were his.

Police arrested Carillo and charged him for the 191 lobsters, 150 small lobsters, and 185 big-sized lobsters.

However, police found no other illegal activities or contraband in the car. Police then took Carillo to jail.

Florida Man September 5, 2021 – Florida Man Arrested for Exposing His Private Parts Through 7 Toll Booths

ST. CLOUD – Fla. – Officers arrested a Florida Man for exposing himself multiple times when crossing various toll booths.

On Monday, September 5, Police arrested Florida man Mark Fillyaw (41) for multiple charges related to sexual organ exposure.

According to the authorities, Fillyaw exposed himself seven times between August 29 and September 5.

Based on the information obtained from the toll workers, the Florida Man intended to show himself by revealing his sexual organs. Security footage and photo comparison confirmed the statement.

The video, however, couldn’t be published.

Florida Man September 5

Florida Man September 5, 2021 – An Armored Florida Gunman Killed Four, Including A Mother and His Baby.

POLK COUNTY, Fla. – An armored Florida Man killed Four in a fatal gunfight.

This is a tragedy known widely in the state of Florida. The Florida Man, wearing full-body armor, fatally wounded four family members, including a three-month-old baby and the mother.

After engaging in a gunfight with officers, the suspect surrendered. The 11 years old girl who was shot seven times miraculously survived.

During a press conference, Grady Judd, the Sheriff of Polk County, said that the suspect was Bryan Riley. Riley is a former marine. Police arrested the man on Sunday Morning due to his actions.

He was very aggressive and uncooperative with the officers.

Riley said to the authorities that he was under the influence of methamphetamines.

He had already prepared with gun ammo and first aid in his car’s trunk.

During his treatment in the hospital, he tried to grab an officer’s gun. Another fight happened in the emergency room.

Final Thoughts

September 5 is another twisted day for Florida Man. It’s a day full of laughter but also heart-wrenching tragedy. Deep condolences to the family, and may they rest in peace.

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