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Florida Man May 2 – Socks to Die For

It’s May 2 and there’s no stopping Florida man from making the world exciting and annoyed at the same time.

 We have three stories to showcase the stupid stunts he did and how they harmed those around him. No questions, we’re pretty sure about that. 

If May 2 is your birthday, you will not want to miss these Florida man stories.

Florida Man May 2, 2017 – One Punch Kill

Daytona Beach, Florida; On May 2, a woman didn’t allow a Florida man to enter a bar again, so he punched her in the face, causing her death.

35-year-old Michael Lamothe was in Oyster Bay Pub in Daytona Beach early May 2, where he met the victim, 54-year-old Debra Jost.

According to the witnesses, Lamothe walked behind Jost and wrapped his arms around her grabbing her breast. 

Then Lamothe left but came back shortly, but Jost tried to close the door when he was coming in, which pissed him off.

Next, Lamothe punched her in the face hard, causing her to fall straight to the floor. She hit the back of her head hard upon landing. 

Paramedics immediately rushed her to the hospital, but the following day she died.

His defense was Jost was threatening him. That’s why he punched her. 

Lamothe has no listed lawyer on his name and no bond facing charges of aggravated battery and manslaughter.

Florida Man May 2, 2018 – The Sock Slasher

Hudson, Florida; According to Pasco County Sheriff’s office, someone stole a Florida man’s socks on May 2, 2018. The theft enraged him and led him to slash two victims with a sword after accusing them.

47-year-old Brandon McCray couldn’t find his socks and took out his anger with a 53-year-old man and a 43-year-old woman. 

In the Sheriff’s statement, the male victim had lacerations on both hands that were proof of self-defense. The woman had a deep wound on her thigh.

Both victims were rushed to Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point and expected to recover soon from the incident.

McCray hid the sword and walked his way out, but Sheriff’s deputies responded urgently and found him in his neighbor’s house.

Records show that he was born in Clearwater, but his present address is in Hudson.

 Police charged McCray with attempted murder and domestic aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. 

Florida Man May 2, 2019 – Shoplifted 28 Cans of Baby Formula Under His Dress

Cape Coral, Florida; A Florida man wore a long dress in a grocery to steal 20 cans of baby milk from the Cape Coral Publix market.

A 50-year-old Florida man was wearing a bonnet, a dress with flower prints, a black jacket, and white sneakers. 

He was on a motorized cart riding around Publix on Santa Barbara Boulevard. 

A witness said that the man was hiding milk cans under his long dress. The total was about 28 cans of baby formula milk, costing around $450.

But Florida man managed to make his way out of Publix without paying or being caught.

Cape Coral police think it may be the same suspect from North Fort Myers, Fort Myers, Naples, and Punta Gorda. 

Final Thoughts

May 2 is full of what makes Florida such a unique place in the country, Florida man. Tomorrow’s another day and another crazy story of Florida man.

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