Florida Man February 7 - The Super Bowl Slap Down

Florida Man February 7 – The Super Bowl Slap Down

Now we’ve come to Florida Man February 7 with another two stories. From hiding marijuana inside a chocolate box for Valentine’s day to facing multiple charges for assault. Florida man has done it again. Here are the full stories:


Florida Man February 7, 2020 – The Best Valentins’ Day Gift

Love can undoubtedly make you fly, but it’s not usually like this, Florida man.

Police accused a man of storing marijuana inside a chocolate box prepared for Valentine’s Day. The Florida man here is Mario Orosoco, who the deputies later arrested. Hardee County Sheriff’s Office officials came to Orosco’s residence looking to serve an arrest warrant.

Florida Man February 7 - The Super Bowl Slap Down

Upon arrival, they heard distant noises of laughter and chatter. However, that all quickly ended after one of the officers knocked on the door. The apartment immediately went from loud and lively to complete silence.

However, the residents didn’t open the door right after the officer knocked on the door. Instead, the officers had to wait for about 30 minutes before one of them opened the door.

After going inside the house, the officers opened the attic and found the man hiding inside. The plan was to get the suspect out of the house and straight to jail. But, there was one thing that changed it all.

The officers were on the way down from the attic until they sensed a strong smell of marijuana coming from the kitchen.

They approached a box of chocolates, opened it, and found some bags of marijuana inside. There were 17 bags of marijuana inside the chocolate box. Any related information about the receiver or sender is unknown. The officials said the man was wanted for unrelated charges. Those charges were not released at the time. 

Florida Man February 7, 2021 – Don’t Touch the Remote.

In Gainsville, Family time quickly turned violent when a Florida man hit his girlfriend’s face after she changed the channel during Super Bowl LV. 

The story began with a fierce argument between Thomas White (55) and his girlfriend after she switched the channel during the championship match between Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

According to the investigation, White began to punch his girlfriend’s face, which resulted in several facial injuries, like cuts on the chin and face. Her nose was bloodied, and her hand was swollen. Several blood droplets also indicated this on the floor found inside the White’s residence. 

White, however, also told the officers his side of the story. He said he had done it all in self-defense because she attacked him first. According to his statement, the girlfriend slapped him several times and attempted to punch him. 

However, the officials quickly dismissed the claim and later mentioned that there wasn’t any correlation between his stories and the physician’s evidence.

If it was an act of self-defense, the officers might find bruises on Whites’ body parts. Neither the medical examiners nor officers found such bruises. 

Final Thoughts

If you learned one thing today, it is never to touch a drunken Florida man’s remote control on Super Bowl night. Or maybe just don’t go to Florida man’s house at all. Maybe just stay out of Florida, period.

If you want to read about more Florida man shenanigans, check out our other February Florida man posts. If you want to see what Florida man did on your birthday, leave the date in the comments below.

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