How To Get A Dog Unstoned at Home

How To Get A Dog Unstoned at Home

Did your dog eat your stash of brownies (yes, the special ones!)? If so, keep reading to learn how to get a dog unstoned at home.

Though it can be worrying, understanding how to sober up a dog is essential in these situations. Cannabis can make your dog feel awful. You may need to take them to the vet as they will know how to get a dog unstoned.


I Think My Dog Is High What Do I Do

Unfortunately, there is little you can do to reduce the effects of cannabis on your dog’s behavior. Take him to the veterinarian as soon as possible. However, the vet can do little more than comfort you. Just note that edibles and other forms of THC are extremely unlikely to injure your dog. 

I Think My Dog Is High What Do I Do

How Do I Know If My Dog Is High?

Typically, your dog may exhibit symptoms after 30 to 90 minutes of eating cannabis.

Dogs with marijuana toxicity exhibit symptoms like;

  • lethargy 
  • stumbling 
  • excessive urination
  • drooling
  • a slow heartbeat 
  • pupil dilation 
  • muscular twitching or tremor
  • hyperactivity

Some dog owners claimed their dogs choked on their saliva after eating cannabis. Luckily, it was not fatal. 

What To Do If Your Dog Eats An Edible?

Don’t panic if you are troubled that your dog may have consumed edible cannabis. Many veterinarians have dealt with this issue in the past. So, don’t feel embarrassed to get him to the vet.

It’s crucial to know the amount and type of edible consumed. So, remember to write them down and let your veterinarian know how much marijuana your dog consumed. The veterinarian may give the best treatment with the use of this information.

THC poisoning doesn’t have a specific therapy or medications. Still, the veterinarian may give your canine a dose of activated charcoal to assist in removing the cannabis from their system, induce vomiting, or pump their stomach, depending on the quantity and response.

In addition, your vet might want to keep your dog for 12 to 24 hours for observation before letting them return home with you. But if this does occur, try not to worry too much. It indicates that your physician is concerned for your dog’s welfare and wants to be cautious.

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What To Do After Treatment? 

After the exhausting treatment, here are some things you can do at home to make your furry friend feel more comfortable. 

  • Keep your dog in a room that is a bit dim, which will make him fall asleep sooner.
  • Try to feed them so that the effects of the THC will be lessened. It will make your pup feel much better.
  • Brushing your dog will also help if your furry friend usually enjoys it.
  • Simply rubbing your dog’s ear tip will help them relax.
  • Always keep an eye on them, as you don’t want to run the danger of him getting twitches and harming himself again. 

What Are the Symptoms of a High Dog

In general, when it comes to feeling high, dogs will experience similar feelings as people. 

The positive and negative effects are both unnaturally emphasized. It’s crucial to remember that canines won’t comprehend why their senses are suddenly heightened. 

They will perceive sound differently than they are accustomed to. This will lead them to overestimate its volume.

What Is THC?

THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol, is a key component of marijuana and is what causes the drug’s effects to manifest. The mental effects of any product increase with the amount of THC present.

The effects of this crucial ingredient typically extend several hours in many dogs. However, there have been other occasions where similar effects have lasted for several days, if not longer. 

Can Cannabis Be Fatal For Dogs? 

THC affects the brain’s cortex but not the nervous system. The brain’s latter portion guarantees your survival. Because of this, most scientists believe that marijuana is not fatal, even at high doses.

But some experts disagree with pets, as large amounts of THC can be fatal. As a result, keeping your dog away from any THC product is highly advisable. 

Fortunately, the deadly THC dose for a medium-sized dog is approximately 45 pounds of activated marijuana. Your dog won’t likely consume that much of anything.

CBD For Dogs

Cannabidiol, a substance present in cannabis, is the source of CBD, which has relatively little THC. Various CBD oils in the market will help your dog feel calm. 

Will My Vet Inform The Police About Me?

Most veterinarians will be willing to take the necessary steps to help your dog feel better without worrying about the marijuana, even though some may have a “stick up their butts” when caring for your dog.

While you may anticipate hearing a lecture about how harmful it is to store marijuana close to animals, it’s unlikely that these incidents will result in your arrest

What Steps Can Be Taken To Avoid The Situation Again?

Always keep your marijuana in a sturdy, safe container. This will prevent your dog from trying to eat the pack. 

Also, consider keeping your stash in your kitchen cabinets or on top of a tall dresser in your bedroom to keep it hidden from your dog.

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, it is usually acceptable to store your supply in the trunk of your car. In any way, always remember to hide your stash from your furry little friend. 

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