Florida Man February 5

Florida Man February 5 – Gator Toss

Florida man February 5 brings us two stories. One of them is tragic, and the other is just plain absurd. From the story of a man who admits what he’s done to his father to a man throwing an alligator on the roof. And yes, the man in question is none other than Florida Man. See the full stories below:


Florida Man February 5, 2020 – Nothing is Sacred

Police found a Florida man covered in blood during a traffic stop in Miami, Florida. They ended up arresting him for killing his father. 

The Florida Man is Jared Noiman (26). Police charged him with the first-degree murder of his elderly father, Jay Noiman. Investigators later found the body on February 3 in a car parked inside a garage of One Ocean Plaza. Looking at his wounds, they determined his cause of death as multiple stabbings.

Many wonder about this story, especially after learning that Jared Noiman was found covered in blood, as if it’s a thriller movie. But no, it happened, and this tragic incident caused trauma for many others, especially the witnesses.

Florida Man February 5

The officers were surprised to see Noiman covered in blood. He claimed he had been in an altercation. Noiman later added that he didn’t want to report the crime, which raised another question. Why?

A surveillance video showed the police all the information they needed. The video clearly shows the crime scene. Although, the evidence is not strong enough to arrest Noiman. It did not catch him in the act. 

However, fortune turned in the police’s favor hours later. At 5.45 pm, Police stopped Noiman and arrested him for driving without a license. At first, police took him to a nearby police station for interrogation. Homicide detectives interviewed him and later transferred him to the Palm Beach County Jail. Since no further evidence supported an arrest for Noiman, police released him after the interrogation.

The next day, Noiman went to the Boca Raton Police Department and confessed everything. He said he and his father had been living together inside the car. They supposedly park the car inside the garage to sleep. The reason why he killed his father was that he didn’t like the way his father treated him. He told the details about how he stabbed and strangled his father in the car. 

Florida Man February 5, 2021 – Rooftop Gator

Sometimes, humans and animals do not get along. And when it comes to Florida Man, things have become much worse.

Like this story in Daytona Beach, police arrested a Florida Man for stealing an alligator right out of the golf course. He beat it several times and threw it on a bar’s roof.

However, this kind of activity is, of course, included as animal cruelty. And therefore, police arrested the man responsible for this, William Bubba Hodge, not for just one charge but five different charges, including animal cruelty and burglary.

The officers arrested him after seeing the man grabbing the alligator by its tail, stepping on the alligator multiple times before throwing it on the roof of a bar. Later, wildlife officers returned the alligator to the Congo River Golf management, where they released it back to its pond.

Final Thoughts

The stories of Florida Man aren’t always silly and absurd. Sometimes, it could be tragic and dramatic, like in the first story. If you want to see more stories about Florida Man, stay tuned!

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