Florida Man February 6

Florida Man February 6 – Hear That Train Coming

Today we will look at Florida man February 6. It looks like he has no plan to stop his absurdity. From a story about a very busy Florida man to another about a very unlucky one. See the full stories below:


Florida Man February 6, 2021 – Florida Man Arrested for Assault, Setting A House Afire, and Shooting Officers

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.— A man faced multiple charges for attacking a woman, setting a house afire, and shooting at deputies during the investigation.

The incident happened in the Pine Hills area when police received a call due to a man choking a woman. Later, the man left the crime scene but returned to burn the house down. The man then left once again. 

The officers quickly came to the rescue to extinguish the fire. During the investigation, the man surprisingly returned to the house again and opened fire from his car. Fortunately, the man did not manage to harm any deputies during this incident. However, the police fatally shot the man.

Doctors treated the gunman in a nearby hospital under critical condition. The deputy, who exchanged shots with him, was fine. Thanks to his long years of experience in the office, he skillfully shot the man while avoiding the attack simultaneously.

However, investigators were initially unable to identify the gunman’s. The officers only knew it was a man in his 40s. A nearby hospital also treated the female victim for minor injuries.

Florida Man February 6, 2022 – Florida Man Stole a Car and Got Hit By A Train

Even officers have no words regarding this case. The absurdity of a Florida man caused a home to be struck by a flying car.

Yes, you did not read that wrong. A Florida man aged 38 has to face multiple charges because of his insane actions. The man told the officers his story not long after the incident.

His story was simple and, in his mind, made perfect sense. He stole a car to use to find his lost, stolen car.

On his way back home, something unfortunate happened. The car got stuck on railroad tracks, with a train speeding toward him. The man panicked and jumped out of the car. He left the car on the track where the train thoroughly destroyed it. The impact caused the car to flip, fly and hit a nearby house.

Although the homeowners escaped unscathed. However, they were left shocked after hearing the loud commotion on the side of their house. 

After the crash, the suspect decided to run. He went into a nearby fruit stall and stole another getaway vehicle, which in this case, was a forklift. And he wasn’t successful as well.

Not long after, police caught the suspect and put him in jail. He faced several serious charges, including grand theft, criminal mischief, and others.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, people in Florida must deal with Florida man daily. It makes you wonder if the good weather and beaches are worth it.

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