Florida man march 26

Florida Man March 26 – Fun and Crime

March 26 was another busy day for Florida man. Below you will find two stories that show how crazy Florida man can be. Is March 26 your birthday? If so, you will want to keep reading.


Florida Man March 26, 2014 – Hammerhead Joyride

On March 26, Florida man was taking full advantage of the beautiful Boynton Beach weather. He decided to take his kayak out fishing. 

It did not take long to get his first bite. He could tell it was a large fish but had no idea what he had hooked.

Florida Man March 26

When the fish finally came to the surface, he was shocked to see an 11-foot hammerhead shark on the other end of his line.

A shark almost the exact size of his kayak was now attached to him. 

But in true Florida man fashion, Adam Fisk decided to carry on instead of cutting the line. He even pulled his camera out and took some video

He even stuck his camera underwater to get a better look at the monster towing him.

“I was also a bit wary of filming while it charged, as I was all alone with no one to help if anything went wrong… Looking back, a bit nerve-wracking.”, Fisk stated.

They both enjoyed a good ride for about eight miles until Fisk cut the line.

Florida Man March 26, 2017 – “Stand Your Ground” Defense Dropped Manslaughter Charge

Florida man allegedly beat up and killed someone at a Lakeworth bar. Police initially charged the man with manslaughter. 

However, the prosecutor dropped the case due to a lack of evidence and his claim “Stand Your Ground.”

Police arrested 27-year-old William Difonzo Jr., also known as “Hollywood,” four months after the incident. 

Palm Beach County Sheriff Deputies accused him of fatally punching Sebastian Paz in the face.

The incident started when Difonzo was outside the bar, pissed and problematic. Paz was just passing by and polite, but Difonzo told him to go away. 

Shortly after, Paz came out from the bar again to smoke a cigarette. Difonzo came toward him and threw a punch, according to one witness’s statement. 

A second witness reported to investigators that “Paz had his arms crossed invading Difonzo’s personal space” as an argument broke out between the men.

Police wrote in the arrest report that Difonzo threw a hard punch to Paz’s face. The force made him fall and hit his head on the concrete parking lot. 

Witnesses said that blood immediately came out from his mouth and nose.

Difonzo then fled the scene.

The coroner pronounced Paz dead the following morning at the hospital. The Doctor’s report stated his death was due to blunt force trauma. They ruled the manner of death as a homicide.

After four months, officers arrested Difonzo and took him into custody in the Palm Beach Country Jail. 

 Steven Bell represented him as his lawyer . Bell said that witnesses’ stories change once they are in a deposition.

 None of them could tell how the fight started.

Stand Your Ground

Based on statutory immunity known as “Stand Your Ground,” a motion to dismiss the manslaughter charges was filed in December. 

The following Friday, Prosecutors dropped the manslaughter charge. They stated, “although there was probable cause to make an arrest, the evidence cannot prove all legally required elements of the crime alleged and is insufficient to support a criminal prosecution.”

Difonzo remained in custody and faced charges, including violating his probation.

A judge sentenced him to five years in prison on other charges.

Final Thoughts

These Florida man stories show how crazy Florida man can be. One of them does a good job showing that it is not always bad crazy. Sometimes we get to see the fun crazy too.


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